Fee Structure
Note: Token Economics, including fair launch, distribution, and emission will be decided by the DAO

Grim Vaults Fee Structure

There is a 4% fee on Farming Rewards profits Split into the following,
    2% to market buy $GRIM, distributed back to $GRIM stakers via the reward pool.
    1% is allocated to treasury (currently funding advertising).
    0.5% is for the strategist that developed the vault.
    0.5% for the automated function that calling the harvest.
Note: Any fees associated by the other party depositing or withdrawing from there pools will be added on top of our fee structure.

Withdrawal Fee Structure

    There is 0.1% fee at time of withdrawal from the vaults, collected fee will be distributed back to people staking in that specific vault.
    This also will prevent people from staking and un-staking before the harvest function get called.

Deposits Fee Structure

    There is 0% fee on all deposits in Grim vaults. Forever unlimited free deposits on all actions.
    However, there may be a third party deposit fee charged by the Farm provider listed in the pool details.
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