Betting Market Maker (WIP)


Grim Bets is an information markets platform that lets you trade on the world’s most highly-debated topics (e.g. coronavirus, politics, current events, etc). On Grim Betting, you build a portfolio based on your forecasts and earn a return if you are right. When you decide to buy shares in a market, you are weighing in with your own knowledge, research, and view of the future.

How It Works?

  • You will be able to deposit $REAPER to bet on the topic
  • That will create a lock for the token and when the result are out if your answer was right then you win.(Similar to Lottery Mechanism)
  • The winners will win the pot and 10% of the losing pot will be split between 5% Burn and 5% to automatically form liquidity for REAPER-FTM.
  • The 5% fee will cause deflationary pressure on $REAPER