REAPER is the Grim Finance farming token and will be linked to our Game Model, Index Funds, and Farming Pools. That being said, we have future use cases for REAPER in the future including attracting partnerships via farm listings, and yield boosting through XREAPER.
    You will be able to deposit REAPER to play various games
    Betting platform will create a lock for the token which will help in locking liquidity and improve price. The highest Score in the Reaper Game will win the pot and 10% of that pot will be split between 5% Burn for deflationary pressure, 3% automatically forms LP, 2% for the strategist who developed the bet
    XREAPER, will be provided to the individual staking $REAPER as a representation of their share in the pool.
    XREAPER token holders will have voting power in the DAO.
    You may also lend XREAPER to earn yield using the lending tab at the top of the site
    Holding XREAPER makes you eligible for partner airdrops.
REAPER Contract Address: 0x117dB78176C8eDe4F12fCd29d85Cd96b91A4cbBb xREAPER Contract Address: 0x26f47811f74f67e0Dc00494406685d07A3255C96
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