Using the Platform

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Step 1: Find a Pool - In order to farm on the website, you must first decide which asset you would like to collect. Use our filters to select the Asset that you would like to farm at the top of the page (shown in Figure 1). You will also find various filters to sort by Platform, APY (annual percentage yield), or TVL (total value locked). Figure 1: Select "GRIM" in Assets tab to display all GRIM asset pools(highlighted)

Step 2: Acquire the Tokens - While locating a pool you will notice that there are generally two types of vaults. Single asset vaults, and LP (dual asset) vaults. If you would like to purchase GRIM (or a single token) you can use the buy token link to directly visit the AMM (SpiritSwap) website to purchase GRIM, or, you can click the "add liquidity" link to create an LP pair using a 50:50 equal value of the two assets and stake those instead. by doing so you earn a portion of the swap fees in addition to the farm rewards. Once the assets are in your wallet your balance will be displayed in the "wallet" portion of the appropriate pool (shown in Figure 2). Figure 2: "Wallet" balance (highlighted)

Step 3: Entering a Pool - Now that you have your assets, in order to enter a pool, you would select the vault you have acquired and click on "Approve" to allow the interface to spend your tokens (shown in Figure 3). Then you will be shown a deposit option to deposit the amount of tokens you wish to farm. Figure 3: Approve Token spend pool view

Step 4: Auto-compounding - Now that you have your assets safely deposited into a Grim Vault. It is time to sit back, relax and let us do all the heavy lifting for you. GRIM Finance then automatically compounds the earned tokens for you into more LPs periodically. Your "deposited" balance (shown in Figure 4) will grow periodically over time without any further actions. You may withdraw your LPs at anytime! Figure 4: "Deposited" balance (highlighted)

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