GinSPIRIT Boosted Vaults

SpiritSwap's inSPIRIT token model is fully supported via the implementation of boost vaults.
Link to Medium Article Grim Finance rewards SPIRIT stakers with a share of the boosted inSPIRIT on the GRIM platform making it an ideal destination for those who wish to stake SPIRIT.
You can now take advantage of a liquid token pegged to SPIRIT (GinSPIRIT) using it to farm or trade freely without remaining locked to inSPIRIT. You will also be able to participate and earn rewards in our boosted vaults, which overtime will out earn any solo farmers via the inSPIRIT boost by benefiting directly from the Grim Finance inSPIRIT balance which boosts the vaults.
  • Stake SPIRIT to receive liquid GinSPIRIT allowing anyone to exit their staked inSPIRIT position
  • Earn protocol swap fees and deposit fees from SpiritSwap (DISTRBUITED WEEKLY AND AUTO COMPOUNDED TO MORE $GinSPIRIT)