GinSPIRIT is tokenized inSPIRIT

    If a user deposits SPIRIT into Grim Finance, that SPIRIT is locked forever on the platform as inSPIRIT.
    A tokenized version of inSPIRIT, GinSPIRIT, is returned to the user at a 1:1 rate. (WILL NOT BE THE SAME PRICE OF SPIRIT)

GinSPIRIT Staking

    GinSPIRIT can be staked into the platform to receive SpiritSwap protocol revenues (swap fees) and deposit fees which will be compounded automatically to more $GinSPIRIT.

GinSPIRIT Liquidity Pools

    Rather than staking GinSPIRIT, users can also choose to contribute to the SpiritSwap liquidity pool GinSPIRIT-SPIRIT LP.
    Users can stake their LP token in the SPIRIT-GinSPIRIT LP vault and enjoy compounding their LPs, while Grim Finance takes care of automatically converting the rewards received from SpiritSwap into more SPIRIT-GinSPIRIT LPs.
GinSPIRIT Contract Address: 0x2787bea3366335068bf8b4a253044d09ea4e1c96
Last modified 1mo ago