Convert FTM to Fiat (US Users)


  • Have $FTM and $ETH in your MetaMask wallet to cover transaction fees
  • Be connected to FTM Opera Mainnet in Metamask
  • Convert the amount of FTM you want to withdraw to USDC for the cross-chain transfer
  • Have a Voyager Digital Fiat Exchange account and application installed on your smartphone, or any other ETH enabled exchange.
Step 1: Bridge USDC from FTM to ETH- Launch
Step 4: Ensure that USDC(Fantom) -> USDC(Ethereum) is selected and click on TRANSFER. Be patient as the USDC bridging can take a few moments and is heavily dependent on network congestion. We recommend adjusting the gas fee to above average in order to help speed up your transaction in a timely manner.
Step 5: After the transfer is completed. Switch your Metamask network to Ethereum in order to view your bridged USDC coins.
Step 6: Log into your Voyager Digital application and click on "Transfer Cash or Crypto" and then "Receive Crypto into Voyager". Then select "USDC" and copy the wallet address to your clipboard. This is the address you will send your USDC balance to from your metamask account.
Note: It may take a few hours before your USDC balance will show up in your Voyager account depending on your account age, but after this step you will be able to sell your USDC to USD and pull out the funds to your connected bank account.
Last modified 2mo ago
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